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SB Broneske manufactures highly effective vibration mounts for the ship building sector for the superior abatement of structure borne noise and vibration on board of ships. Backed by in-house engineering, all SB Broneske resilient mounts for exhaust gas installation and engine supports are shear proof and meet classification requirements.


SB Broneske - inventor of the modern elastic support of the maritime industriy and the wind turbine industry - offers a wide range of vibration mounts. Vibration mounts with load from 1 kg to 100.000 kg are available.


SB Broneske vibration absorbers are members of the rubber spring family and are an element of the resilient support technology. They diminish or eliminate structure-borne noise and vibrations. Machine parts are protected from excessive dynamic loads and with the aid of vibration absorbers noise exposure for humans can be reduced to tolerable levels.


The primary reason, why more shipyards around the world install the SB exhaustgas isolation system is the outstanding structural noise abatement performance, but additional advantages are:


    -Long service life

    -State of the art

    -Ease of installation

    -Worldwide approvals

    -Cost effective

    -Competitive price

    -Impact and shock resistance

    -Military specifications


Exhaust Pipe 1

SB Broneske vibration mounts, exhaust gas bellows, pipe penetrations and rain caps are specially designed to control noise and vibration, provide superior performance and long term reliability on all types of vessels and offshore installations.


SB Vibration Mounts for Diesel Exhausts


Cruise ships, ferries, tugs, tankers, container ships, naval vessels, bulk carriers, oil platforms, research ships, icebreakers, high speed catamarans, high speed monohull ferries, luxury yachts, patrol boats and more...

All have been equipped with Schwingungstechnik-Broneske GmbH vibration isolation systems for marine diesel exhaustgas installations. For more than twenty-seven years, ship designers have been selecting the SB isolation system to provide the low DB(A) on-board environment demanded on all modern vessels. Larger powerplants on new vessel types make even greater demands on vibration and noise abatement systems today.


By supporting the complete diesel exhaustgas installation on heat resistant, sound absorbing SB resilient mounts - calibrated for specific engine exhaust specifications - most (90 + percent) of the exhaust gas pressure generated structural noise, shock and vibration is effectively attenuated and isolated from the casing and adjacent hull section.


The primary reason, why more and more shipyards around the world install the SB exhaustgas isolation system is the outstanding structural noise abatement performance, but additional advantages are:


    -world-wide approvals

    -ease of installation

    -long service life (15-20 Years)


    -competitive price

    -impact / shock resistance

    -fit MIL. specs


SB vibration specialists offer a one-stop solution for all diesel related noise and vibration abatement projects. Consult SB professional engineering on the complete line of SB equipment:


    -SB mounts for exhaustgas-uptakes

    -SB mounts for boilers / incinerators

    -SB mounts for engines and generators

    -SB shock mounts (navy)

    -SB sway brace assemblies

    -SB expansion bellows and flanges

    -SB pipe penetrations

    -SB rain-caps


Fixed Points Anchor Points


Compensators made by SB Broneske are a necessary component in many industries because they compensate the thermal heat expansion of the pipe sections.


SB Broneske produces and sells stainless steel expansion bellows and assemblies for expansion bellows for the exhaust pipe system of the maritime industry. SB Broneske expansion bellows are well known in the maritime industry for their outstanding quality. SB Broneske has been calculating and delivering expansion bellows to shipyards world wide since the 80s of the last century.


Since the1980s of the last century, SB Broneske expansion bellows have proved the outstanding quality under conditions at sea.


SB Broneske delivers expansion bellows from a diameter of 40mm to 5000mm and offers certificates of the major classification institutes.

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